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Race Against Waste engages young generations to get started with sustainability. Through educational action campaigns, children from more than 600 elementary school in the Netherlands, Germany and France learn about the circular economy and energy conservation every year.

Race Against Waste has three projects: the E-waste Race, the Textile Race and the Energy Race. During these projects, children learn about the impact of our consumption behavior and energy consumption on people and the environment. But much more importantly, they learn what you can do about it!

During a race, different school teams compete against each other to make as much impact as possible. The teams receive points for carrying out repairs, organizing swaps, energy saving actions and collecting items for reuse and recycling. To score as many points as possible, campaigning takes place in their neighborhoods and involves parents, neighbors and family in the race. With the points earned, kids can win a cool field trip. In this way, Race Against Waste makes contributing to a more beautiful world fun, educational and easy!


Race Against Waste inspires and involves everyone to participate in accelerating the transition to a circular economy. By offering practical solutions, we involve as many people as possible in a positive way to make an impact together.


We dream of a world without waste!

A world where abundance is not taken for granted but where we use what we need with care. What we buy and consume is made with respect for people who receive a good living wage and can work in dignified conditions. What we buy and consume is produced without the slightest degradation of our environment. That means no more emissions of pollutants and substances that accelerate climate change. And that means products or materials always come back into the cycle. There is no further depletion of scarce raw materials from the earth, either for our products or for our energy supply.


We are a young, impact-driven team who are all committed to creating a liveable world for everyone in a positive and enthusiastic way. 



UN goals - Sustainable Development Goals [SDGs].

At Race Against Waste, we stand behind these goals and align with 6 of the goals with our organization. We are proud of this, because in every choice we make every day, we can make a difference.



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Our team


Timmy de Vos


"Contributing to a greener, more beautiful world is great fun and can be done in small steps. It is motivating and rewarding, I'd like to show this to everyone!"


Arjan Roelofs

Operational Manager

"Motivation is the reason why humans and other animals initiate, continue or terminate behavior at any given time". Creating a healthy living/working environment is my passion, where motivating individuals to do the right thing within their power is a mission."


Nick Caliari


"Choosing sustainable and environmentally conscious lifestyles is high on my list. I am so happy to share this passion with the new generation. After all, they are the future and together we can ensure a better living environment, for both people and the environment."


Pepijn Rademakers

Accountmanager & Projectmanager

“Together towards a circular economy!”


Lisanne Hutschemaekers


"Making a positive impact, for people, animals and nature, is what I love to do most! I firmly believe that you are never too small to make a difference. Working with sustainability does not have to be difficult, in fact: it is child's play and fun too! Especially if you go for it together. Join us!"


Bertine Wijffelaars

Marketing & Communication / Office Manager

"By giving it our absolute best right now, we are giving the youth a bright future."

Eveline van Eerdt

Eveline van Eerdt

Financial Employee

"Making sure that everything is in a good financial shape for Race Against Waste and contributing to the circular economy in the process energizes me! Making the world a little better is something we do together, on all levels!"


Ivo Helwegen


"A circular future doesn't always have to be complicated. With guts & creativity, we can make an immediate positive impact on a more beautiful world together!"


Kasper de Rooy


"Children are fun and curious! I look forward to working for and with them. They are our hope for the future as they learn at an early age to make smarter choices around consuming."


Sarah Portier


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Mara Dankers


"Small acts have big impact. Children act as the ultimate source of inspiration, and by informing and activating them, we are constantly reaching new communities. They not only learn the importance of their own efforts, but also achieve tangible results."


Tania Stout

International business manager & Projectmanager

"You can't start creating awareness young enough, we want to make that possible in as many countries as possible!"


Beer Veeger


"Children are not only the future but also the strength of today. Let us encourage, inspire and involve them in projects that transform the world with their enthusiasm and positive impact."


Mira Mertens


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Anne-Marie Rakhorst

Anne-Marie Rakhorst  -  Ambassador 

Anne-Marie Rakhorst is a renowned entrepreneur, investor and publicist in the field of sustainability. She is founder and owner of Duurzaamheid.nl, founded Search Ingenieursbureau and spearheaded the '17 goals you share' initiative, which introduces the Netherlands to the Sustainable Development Goals.  

Anne-Marie underlines the importance of the E-waste Race and Textile Race: "Children are the leaders of tomorrow. With their open minds and strong sense of justice, they get to the heart of what is really important in the world better than adults. It is precisely by providing them with information in a playful way that we create a great impact. Because children automatically make the rest of the family and their grandparents enthusiastic. At the same time, the Textile Race ensures that all the textiles that are collected are not burned, but returned to the cycle. This combination contributes enormously to a circular textile chain and such a great initiative I gladly support!"