E-waste Race presentation in the seminar of Interreg Europe

Director Timmy de Vos was keynote speaker during the Seminar of Interreg Europe: Collection and recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). In other words, collection and recycling of e-waste.

Interreg Europe offers a platform for governments and policymakers across Europe to inspire and help each other to make better policy. During the week of the circular economy, the collection and recycling of e-waste was the topic of the seminar. Our director Timmy de Vos explained how we approach the challenge of e-waste with the E-waste Race. He showed how we make collecting e-waste fun, educational and easy with the E-waste Race. Not only do the children learn about the importance of recycling raw materials during our project, but they also include entire neighbourhoods, villages and cities in their campaign. During the seminar we inspired other policymakers with our circular story. Check out the video for the complete presentation!

Video seminar