Race Against Waste is partnering with Marktplaats!

The Marktplaats platform connects millions of buyers and sellers every month. This is how Marktplaats users together contribute to a world where people share more and waste less.

As an organization, Race Against Waste wants to inspire and activate everyone to participate in accelerating the transition to a circular economy. In doing so, we involve children, teachers and parents in accelerating the transition to a circular economy.

The race against waste

During a race, different school teams compete against each other. Teams receive points for making repairs, organizing swaps, collecting items for recycling and now reuse through Marketplace. To score as many points as possible, the children campaign in their own neighborhoods and involve parents, neighbors and family in the race. With the points earned, children can win a fun school trip.

With the cooperation, the online trading platform wants to encourage children throughout the Netherlands not to throw away their textile and electronic waste, but to give it a second life by putting it on our website for free. Children can receive up to 300 points during the race by posting their items on Marktplaats.⁣

Photo credits: Municipality of Rotterdam / Jan de Groen